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Electric snack car factory electric food truck battery discharge depth is analysed directly affect the service life

by:Jiexian     2020-09-24

electric food truck battery discharge depth directly affect the use cycle ( 一生)

the correct maintenance of the electric fast-food car batteries for electric vehicles use cycle could have a direct effect, in order to make your electric cars can be normal use, our company have the following Suggestions for battery maintenance:

can directly affect the service life of the battery discharge depth ( 一生) Length, suggest only released battery of 50% or less, battery safety discharge depth limit of 80%. Don't put the rich fluid type battery fully discharge ( More than 80%) Because it will damage the performance of the battery ( 性能) And even make a battery failure.

must complement gives promptly after the battery discharge power, can't long-stalled, good is used up namely psych battery, battery electrolyte density ( Unit: g/cm3 or kg/m3) In the condition of relatively high, it is not easy to freeze the solidification ( solidification) Inside, at the same time also can avoid the battery plate battery sulfide.

winter temperature ( 温度) Low, don't let the noise of electric cars parked outside, make electric cars parked in the indoor heat preservation, can protect the battery, can make the battery emits more capacity. At the same time at low temperature, charge acceptance will fall ( descend) , so also let the battery charge indoors when charging, charging good indoor environment temperature not less than 15 degrees, so that we can fully guarantee sufficient battery power.

winter battery maintenance maintenance need to pay attention to the following:

1. Vehicles need to be parked indoors, room temperature above 0 degrees.

2。 Vehicle battery need to use every day after fully charging, 8 hours charging time, charging choose TOW gear)

3。 Make sure the battery clean and connection wire fastening

4. Cells need water after charging cycle ( Can't add water) before charging

5。 Avoid vehicles running in low battery state

6. Full of battery state of 57 degrees below zero can withstand

7. Battery will appear under the condition of electricity shortage in extreme cold or mileage insufficient

8. Will go slowly in the following cases temperature

- Chemical reaction in the battery, 化学反应) Slow

- Affect the bearing ( 轴承) And the gear ( 齿轮) Oil viscosity in the

- Vehicle parking at high temperature can counteract the effects of low temperature

9. Tire pressure needs under the condition of low temperature monitoring, according to the temperature is lower, 减少) Tire pressure

10. Always make sure that the tyres right tire pressure, avoid grinding tire

11. Ensure braking system in a suitable job condition, avoid brake resistance increase

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