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Electric snack car factory: electric tricycle diners antiskid antifreeze is need to do maintenance

by:Jiexian     2020-09-25

electric tricycle diners antiskid antifreeze is need to do maintenance

three-wheeled diners large current ( 电子流) Discharge can easily lead to produce sulfuric acid ( Chemical formula: - H2SO4) Lead ( Appearance: bluish silvery white) ( Lead( II) sulfate) The physical properties of the crystallization, which damage the battery plate ( 性能) 。 Correctly grasp the charging time in use process, should accurately grasp the charging time, according to the electric diners usually use frequency ( 频率) And mileage of the charging frequency. Charge after running time is shorter charging, charging time shoulds not be too long, otherwise it will form the overcharge, the battery heating. Insufficient charging excessive, excessive discharge and recharge will shorten battery life ( 一生) 。 To prevent exposure, electric diners are strictly prohibited in the sun exposure. Temperature ( 温度) High environment will make the battery internal pressure increase and make the battery fluid loss, (trigger cell activity decline descend) Aging, accelerate the plate. Avoid charging plug fever, 220 v power plug or the charger output plug is loose, contact surface oxygen ( 氧气) Such phenomenon will lead to plug heating, heating time is too long can lead to short circuit (plug Current without even directly with electrical appliances, power poles) Or poor contact, damage the charger and battery, bring you unnecessary loss, 损失) 。

charging method also has a lot of places need to pay attention to. Within time I charge it is important to ensure that the battery power has run out, and then to recharge. Long time charge must be charged, after charging time is need to strictly according to the request of the instructions. In adapt to three rounds of diners at ordinary times must pay attention to the car's weight, do not overweight, overweight not just to the vehicle's braking system after damage is very big, but also a certain degree of damage to the battery.

in winter, for three rounds of diners antiskid antifreeze is need to do maintenance. Try to avoid zero start, winter cold days at the beginning of the electric starter, must use pedal power, never starting 'zero', in order to avoid a lot of current ( 电子流) A big damage for the battery discharge. Capacity not less than, to charge per night, don't let the battery in the condition of electricity shortage for a long time, it is important to develop a day, no matter how much travel at night to the good habit of charging in time. Don't be too much inflated tire, pay special attention to inspect first before going out, adequacy of tire pressure before and after the brake is sensitive, the vehicle has no ring, screw ( 螺杆) Whether is loose. To reduce ( 减少) , try to avoid sudden brake, don't slam the brakes on, or you will make the wheels skid, out of balance.

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