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Electric snack car factory introduction to electric trucks must be installed in the ventilation workshop will be overturned the gas cylinders are strictly prohibited

by:Jiexian     2020-09-24

electric trucks, turning on the power supply to open the gas ( 煤气) The cylinder Angle valve; Set the power switch to ON position, context temperature controller is set to the required temperature ( 温度) ; Switch to the ON position ON temperature, temperature into automatic ignition heating program ( 过程) And temperature on the heating; Under temperature switch to the ON position, the temperature in the process of automatic ignition heating, the heating temperature; Ignition sustainable 6 ~ 8 seconds at a time, if there is no light, buzzer alarm system beeping, furnace solenoid valve ( 电磁阀) Automatically shut down, gas leakage, such as the three not lit, up and down the fire can be switch to restart time, continuous ( 连续性) Three ignition failure, must find out the reason, ruled out ( 删除) After the failure to the ignition again. In the process of using temperature ( 温度) Reach the set temperature ( 温度) Automatic heat preservation, into the state, temperature ( 温度) Below the set temperature ( 温度) Automatically when heating. The forging forming oil drain design ( Design) , unique structure, Explanation: the unique and special Novel ( 小说) , can be used in the process of spilled oil guide thunk back bottom, keep furnace face long-term clean sanitation, scones car unique and fire control temperature function, using kitchen burning gas heating, heating up fast, low gas consumption, performance, 性能) Stability ( Explanation: solid stability; There is no change) ; In use process with automatic temperature control, ignition and flameout protection function, quality and reliable, it is in life, 一生) Long. Artificial temperature control, electronic ignition, fire baking (up and down Explanation: cook the food in the fire to dry content) Food, greatly shorten the baking time, guarantee the taste of the food, and can improve production ( 生产) Ability. Humanized trolley type design, equipped with cabinets and drawers, convenient goods such as liquefied gas bottle, flour, seasoning and strong liquidity. Current scones car also called current scones furnace, furnace, baker scones oven, oven, gas furnace baker. By using the theory of kitchen burning gas flow scones furnace ( 原则) Outside, equipped with far infrared gas heater, liquefied petroleum gas for heating fuel, equipped with battery or battery ignition device; Buzzer alarm ( alertor) , when the ignition failure or insufficient gas supply can a buzzer alarm, security ( 安全) Can higher; With up and down the fire control temperature, automatic ignition and flameout protection functions, such as a small car work station, liquidity is strong, can be used in the absence of power supply. Applicable to the in-laws, puff pastry, Fried cake, sweet sauce and so on many kinds of flavor snack baked.

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