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Electric snack car headlights broken what should we change - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-24
Electric snack car now is very broad, electric snack car parts are very important, so in daily use is bound to add protection and maintenance. Assumed electric snack car headlights we should how to replace the bad? Below small make up to we briefly introduce the related content. Electric car in the principle of light snacks is the original small bulb into the success rate is larger the light bulb. Now on the market of 90 or 100 w bulb is very much, the price is more economic. Electric car broke assumes that light snacks, able to directly replace more powerful electric snack car bulbs. This modified method is relatively short, also is more economic. Is the original car (55/60 w H4) General halogen bulbs directly in 90 or 100 w high power bulb, the rest don't need to make any changes, is a relatively broad, relatively brief modification method. Then equipment is also very short, and the general replacement bulbs program are exactly the same, just after the open headlight cover and replace the light bulb, then plug in the original. Cost is more economic, it is the cost of a pair of new bulbs.
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