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Electric snack car inspection - before use Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-23
In now days, the electric snack car gradually become a scenery line together in their cities, in order to make electric snack car always adhere to the excellent situation, bring more lunch, let's protect view is not prevent. Let electric snack car manufacturers to introduce electric snack car before use to check the homework. Electric car with a dainty snacks, environmental protection, economic and other characteristic, very suitable for fast food demand, appearance about atmosphere, since electric snack car modification plan, very suitable for large local, it finished the healthy environmental protection, energy saving and comfortable. Electric cars are the benefits of snacks, to stand in the car inside operation, the wind blows, the rain, in front of the work station, rear shelf. The planning of the car is reasonable, we will also be able to change the car equipment. Electric car top is relying on the drive torque snacks, as electric snack car power origin. Electric snack car the car roof choose fission type structure, selection of interior trim materials have excellent heat insulation, heat insulation effect; Decline in interior noise, trek ride comfort and security, stainless steel shape toughened glass front window. Using electric snack car before check the homework: one, travel, or out of control: view operation is correct. Second, the brakes: to ensure correct brake function. In the proper pressure on the brake pedal in full, vehicles should be smooth and straight line to stop. Three, parking brake: when atresia, parking brake should lock the wheels and insist on fixed vehicle. It should loosen when on pressure accelerating pedal. Four, reverse phonic device: when the distances or evacuation time switch is placed on R 'evacuation' bearing, reversing phonic should ring as a warning. Five, steering: vehicle should be a brief steering, steering plate should not have any move.
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