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Electric snack car manufacturer: electric diners don't need to rent shops can open a shop

by:Jiexian     2020-09-25

electric diners don't need to rent store ( 店面) Can open a shop

to buy a electric diners to small business ( 创业) Has become more and more people choose, in choosing the startup form, because its advantage ( Explanation: can overwhelm the favorable situation of each other) Many, therefore, can be widely ( 广泛) Welcome to all of you. Then, the advantages of the project is in what aspects? Let's introduce the problem for you.

1。 No store can also be run. Electric diners don't need to rent store ( 店面) Can open a shop, saves investment ( Meaning: it is the accumulation of future earnings) Upfront investment such as rent, decorating, can operate in populated areas, a vast market. While modelling elegant, easy to flow, whether in a busy street,,,, night market, tourist spots, schools and other places can be at ease.

2。 Design ( Design) Environmental health. Can effectively reduce the lampblack, to avoid the traditional barbecue stoves produce the large amount of smoke and pollution of the environment.

3。 Electric diners entrepreneurship ( 创业) Investment ( Meaning: it is the accumulation of future earnings) The amount is small. The project investment amount is small, several thousand yuan to investment management, flexible mode of operation is simple, suitable for laid-off workers and small investors, entrepreneurs ( 创业) 。

in the internal configuration ( 部署) On the internal panel for chinalco ( Al) The plastic material ( 纹理的材料) ; Install a container ( Container length according to compartments inside car length for approval, marble, English: Marble) Mesa, home hutch ark material, container ahead for advertising light boxes to do) ; Bottom pattern plate is 3 mm, with household wooden compound floor; Side panel is equipped with three advertising lamp box ( Stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel) The border) ; Equipped with two stainless steel step, after a staircase.

1, the design of the electric type dining car ( Design) Compact, flexible, and marked the liquidity of selling the car, is advantageous for the car from the side opening and closing, wings after the opening and closing can be used as an umbrella, can keep out sunshine, rain.

2, small and exquisite car makes you in different locations, different time, can free the dock and management, ensure the operating convenience. Convenient your operation. Wherever is a beautiful beautiful scenery, fashion to the person ( 时尚) , vitality, dynamic impression.

3, the rear and two wings edge where there are lights and ribbons, provide operating lights at night, to the rear of the car LCD TV advertising can be used as a tool.

4, not only can be parked in the densely populated leisure square, pedestrian street, station, theatre, wharf, campus, celebration activities, sports venues, tourist attractions and other places, you can also open to the villages and towns, suburbs, rounds, the production sale, health and fresh. Convenient also can make the operator before the completion of the operation and management to stop preparation, there is a strong seasonal adaptability, winter rainy season are management, improve the efficient business days.

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