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'Electric' snack car manufacturer electric diners new technology device configuration

by:Jiexian     2020-09-01

motor drive control ( 控制) Device

electric diners motive speed regulation control ( 控制) Device for electric vehicle speed and direction of the transformation Settings, such as its function is to control the voltage or current of the motor ( 电子流) , complete control of the driving torque of the motor and the direction of rotation.

early electric cars, dc motor speed control using concatenated resistance or change motor magnetic field ( Definition: transfer physical interaction between magnetic field) Coil ( 绕组) The number of turns. Because of its speed is a stage, and will produce additional energy consumption ( consume) Or the use of motor car steering. Most electric cars for the front wheel steering, industry ( 行业) Used in the electric forklift often USES the rear wheels. The electric car steering device with mechanical ( 力学) Steering, hydraulic, hydraulic) Type of steering and hydraulic power steering, etc. Stepless speed regulation. In the development of electronic power technology operation, with the application of new type of drive motor, electric vehicle speed control ( 控制) Is transformed into the dc inverter technology application, will become the inevitable trend, 趋势) 。


steering device is set up for the realization of the car turning, the steering machine, steering wheel, steering gear ( 组织) And the steering wheel, etc. On the steering wheel control ( 控制) Force, through the steering machine and steering the steering wheel deflection certain Angle ( angle) 。


with other cars, electric vehicle braking device is set up for the cars to slow down or stop, usually composed of brake and its control device. In continuous development, it also gradually by other power transistor ( The GT


T, BTR and IGBT, etc. ) Chopper control device to be replaced. From technical

electric cars sliding vane air compressor ( compressor)

electric cars, general and electromagnetic braking device, it can be used to drive motor control ( 控制) Circuit implementation of motor generator running, paired deceleration braking energy conversion of battery charging current ( 电子流) To be recycled. The current domestic electric cars in the high power ( Refers to the object of the work done in a unit time) ( 高- - - - - - 权力) Passenger cars, to provide air braking equipment ( 设备) Have endurance NAILI sliding-vane air compressor ( compressor) , mainly is the compressed air way of braking. The work device of the

work device is industry ( 行业) With electric cars for complete requirements specially set up, such as electric forklift lifting devices, door frame, pallet fork, etc. Pallet fork lifting and door frame tilt is usually driven by motor hydraulic ( hydraulic) System to accomplish.

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