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'Electric' snack car manufacturer electric trucks to let the general wanted to self-employment self-made people provide better business platform

by:Jiexian     2020-09-01

electric food truck I company is a sales, 销售) Barbecue snack car series, barbecue car companies, investment ( Meaning: it is the accumulation of future earnings) One thousand yuan, earn ten thousand yuan, sorching summer, barbecue business is doing brisk business, food, electric snacks when the car, a car, can run on both sides, khan 2 facade, and solved the rv sultry summer old bag, the disadvantages of airtight, the function is much, can barbecue, Fried, malatang, kanto cook, teppanyaki, steamed buns, let the general wants to self-employment ( 创业) Self-made people provide better business platform.

the policy applicable product ( 产品) For electric vehicle power ( 权力) System that provides energy storage battery, the battery pack ( Group) And battery management system. Power battery, metallic hydrogen (including pizza grass 氢) Nickel, Ni) Power battery, etc. , not including lead ( Appearance: bluish silvery white) Acid battery.

data ( data) Display, to the end of 2014, China's new ( 权力) Car ownership has surpassed 120000. Momentum ( 权力) The rapid development of car ownership, also indicates the dynamic force battery recycling has a broad market. China automotive technology research ( 研究) Center ( 预测) By 2020, the our country electric power ( 权力) Battery scrap amount will reach 120000 to 170000 tons scale. Despite the potentially huge market space, but due to the responsibility main body is not clear, restricted the battery recycling business ( 业务) Worth mining ( excavate) 。

fast rhythm of work has let people can't eat breakfast and lunch at home, most of workers would choose restaurant order from the outside, and then directly sent to the office to solve the problem of eating. But if the delivery of transportation inconvenient, or slower, will result in food ( 食物) Cooling metamorphism, affect the taste, but it will lead to the restaurant profit loss ( 损失) 。 In this case, the electric fast-food car was born. What advantage, then, electric food truck? 1. Performance ( 性能) Very good: the shandong electric food truck with high torque, low power consumption of the motor and battery USES the international advanced special large capacity battery ( 4 battery, a total of 48 v24a) , stable performance, Explanation: solid stability; There is no change) , long time. 2. Very fast: control ( 控制) Driving part adopts the local train start, express, the great speed of up to 40 km/h ( No-load) 。 Can facilitate fast driving to school, market and industry, 行业) Areas such as downtown area.

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