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Electric snack car manufacturers, electric diners daily cleaning and maintenance of common sense

by:Jiexian     2020-09-25

electric diners daily cleaning and maintenance of small common sense

electric diners dining car maintenance and remove the peculiar smell, more ventilation is the basic common sense, we found that the smell reaction is ventilated take a breath, so if you find the dining car odor in comparison, every time before driving, open all the Windows first, conditional word, open the door all, will, of course, the space is enough, do not affect others, by the way, clear up the car's health, to arrange the thing of the car, clean and neat, fully staffed.

the effective adsorption of bamboo charcoal, activated carbon, acticarbon) , sachets, etc. This is very effective, we can go to the literally can find, to buy a few, in the car, can be for a period of time effective alleviate the peculiar smell of the car. At the same time, if is to use sachets, also can be better in the car to add a fragrance that oneself like, very good. But, remember after a period of time, for replacement. Or they have become the source of the odor. With lemon, grapefruit skin and effectively remove peculiar smell. Buy a lemon or eat grapefruit skin, prevent the suitable location (in the car 位置) , although this method is very good, economical and practical, but time is very short, to remember to replace or deal with in time, otherwise these fruits ( Fruits) Skin is easy to bring other troubles, such as ( Such as, like) Provoke the insect, mildew, etc.

use vinegar to remove the peculiar smell. If you don't use a period of time, need to place a period of time, this method can be used, otherwise, it is not very convenient. We use a suitable vessel, deck water, pour a little vinegar, put in place (inside the car 位置) So that is good enough to remove the peculiar smell, especially in a new car, absorb the good methanol ( 甲醇) And so on. Effectively prevent air conditioning odor. Especially the changeable weather season, the air conditioning pipe prone to mildew, will have an open air conditioning. So in this case, you need choose it's fine to add, use air conditioning wind blow it dry. Also can use hot air to dry the air conditioner, this can be the source of the odor removal, effectively alleviate the car smell. Often wash the car, cleaning the car guards. Whether it's dry north, or water ( 水含量) More of the south, our car, be sure to regularly ( 有节奏的) The appropriate cleaning ( 清洁) To wash or clean their (conditional 清洁) Can, in addition to surface dust cleaning, to remove the peculiar smell, pay special attention to some guards corner cleaning the car. In particular, sometimes accidentally sprinkle some of the things in the car, be sure to clean up in time.

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