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'Electric snack truck manufacturers' electric snack trucks let the majority want to create

by:Jiexian     2021-08-19

Electric fast food trucks. Our company is a company that sells (Sales) barbecue series snack trucks and barbecue trucks. The investment (meaning: the accumulation of future income) thousand yuan, It earns 10,000 yuan a month. In the hot summer, the barbecue business is also booming. The Ou Shili gourmet electric snack car, a RV, can operate on both sides, and it has two facades alone, and it solves the old-fashioned private car in summer. It is sultry, airtight, and has many functions. It can be grilled, fried, spicy, oden, and teppanyaki [Teppanyaki is a way of eating dishes. 】, steamed buns[Materials: 10g dry yeast, 4g sugar, 30g flour, 60ml water, 120ml warm water, 190g flour, 2g salt, 25g sugar, 15ml vegetable oil, 2g baking powder. ..], let the majority want to start their own businesses (Entrepreneurship [n. Entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial spirit...]) self-made people to provide a better entrepreneurial platform.

Applicable to 'Policy' The product is a battery that provides energy for the power system of electric vehicles. It consists of a battery pack (group) and a battery management system. Including Pisago power batteries, metal hydrogen (Hydrogen) nickel (Ni [NI (nickel) is one of the chemical elements, atomic number 28, magnetic, silver-white transition metal.]) power batteries, excluding lead ( Appearance: silver-white with blue) acid battery.

Data shows that by the end of 2014, the number of new power cars in my country has exceeded 120,000. The rapid growth in the number of new power vehicles also indicates that the recycling and reuse of power batteries has a broad market. China Automotive Technology Research (research[research is an English word that can be used as a noun and verb, and can be translated into research, investigation, etc.]) Central prediction (predict[英[prɪ'dɪkt] 美[prɪ'dɪkt] v .Forecast; forecast; predict; predict adjective: predictable adverb: predictably noun: predictability past tense: predicted past participle: predicted present participle: predicting third-person singular: predicts...】), by 2020, China's electric vehicle power (power ) The cumulative amount of battery scrap will reach 120,000 to 170,000 tons. Although the potential market space is huge, the responsibilities of the main body are not clear, which restricts the business of battery recycling. The meaning of duty, duty, division of internal affairs, and rights.]) Value excavation (excavate).

The fast pace of work has made it impossible for people to eat breakfast and lunch at home. Most office workers will choose to order food from a restaurant outside and then send it directly to the office to solve the problem of eating. However, if the means of transportation for delivering food is inconvenient or slow, it will cause problems such as the cold and deterioration of the food, which will affect the taste and ultimately lead to the loss of the restaurant's profit. In this case, electric fast food trucks came into being. So, what are the advantages of electric fast food trucks? 1. The performance is very good: Shandong electric fast food truck adopts high-torque, low-power motor, and the battery adopts the internationally advanced large-capacity special battery (4 batteries total 48V24A), stable performance (explanation: stable and stable; No change), long driving time. 2. Very fast speed: control (control [control n. control, dominate, manage, regulate, inhibit, controller, regulating device, control (computer) vt. control, dominate, manage (prices, etc.), manipulate, inhibit]) Some of them use slow start, fast driving, and the maximum speed can reach 40km/h (without load). It can be conveniently and quickly opened to downtown areas such as schools, markets, and industry (Industry) districts.
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