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Elementary analysis on maintenance key points of battery truck tires

by:Jiexian     2021-08-16

Battery trucks are mainly trucks that use batteries as the main energy source, which is what we call electric trucks. When purchasing a truck, you should focus on the quality of the battery and the tires of the vehicle. In the subsequent use process, also pay attention to the maintenance of the battery and tires.

Pay attention to the following points in the use and maintenance of battery truck tires:

1. When purchasing a truck, pay attention to the vehicle’s Maximum load-bearing, pay attention to check the tire pressure when using, do not use overweight.

2. If the truck is driving on bumpy roads, sand and gravel, the user can choose to use large tires with a patterned structure and a relatively narrow cross-section, which can reduce slippage and other conditions, and the use resistance is also relatively high. Small.

3. If the road environment of the truck is not good, the speed of the vehicle can be appropriately reduced to avoid the wear of the tires caused by fast driving.

4. Check truck tires frequently or regularly. If you find some stones in the tires, you need to remove the stones in time.

5. If there is a wound pierced by a needle-like object on the surface of the tire, you can use a small Lens to insert it upside down to see if the internal steel wire is damaged; if it is damaged, you should do it in time Repair, do not let the wound continue to use the vehicle.

There are so many important points for tire maintenance of battery trucks. If you want to know more about electric trucks, dining trucks, and recreational vehicles, you can bookmark us to view!

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