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Elementary Analysis on the Points for Attention in the Operation of Internal Combustion Sightseeing Cars

by:Jiexian     2021-08-16

The internal combustion sightseeing vehicle and the sightseeing vehicle with storage battery as the main energy are both special-purpose motor vehicles in the factory. The major difference between the two is the different power source used. The two are also different on the transmission device and the control device. The vehicle has the characteristics of simple and convenient operation and long cruising range. Pay attention to the standard operation method when the vehicle is operating. The following introduces the matters that should be paid attention to in the operation of the sightseeing car.

1. Check before the operation of the internal combustion sightseeing car, including the oil, brake system, tire pressure, air intake and exhaust and other components of the system Intact condition.

2. When driving the vehicle, the parking brake handbrake should be put to the end to avoid burning the brake pads or the motor.

3. During the driving operation of the sightseeing car, if there is an abnormal situation, it should be shut down for maintenance in time, and the operation should be performed after troubleshooting.

4. You should drive on a flat road. When you encounter potholes or bumps on the ground, you should avoid passing.

5. It is strictly forbidden to overload, and do not drive at excessive speeds.

6. Every time the vehicle is used, pay attention to check the tire and energy conditions, and pay attention to the maintenance of the vehicle parts system. Vehicles that have been used for a long time can be regularly repaired and maintained.

There are certain restrictions on the use of internal combustion sightseeing vehicles on the road. Customers should understand the relevant local policies before purchasing and using them. For more details about electric vehicles, sightseeing cars, etc., you can call us for consultation.

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