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Fire safety of electric mobile vending vehicles

by:Jiexian     2021-08-17

  Electric vehicles have become the most convenient means of transportation for our daily travel. In recent years, electric vehicle fires have increased year by year, causing huge losses to the personal and property safety of citizens. For everyone to buy, park and charge electric vehicles safely, we remind the general public to pay attention to the following points:

   1. Electric vehicles, chargers and batteries of qualified quality produced by manufacturers that have obtained production licenses should be purchased and used, and electric vehicles and their accessories should not be modified.

   2. Electric vehicles should be parked in a safe place, and should not be parked in stairwells, evacuation passages, safety exits, or occupy fire truck passages.

   Three. The sockets for charging electric vehicles should be installed and fixedly laid by qualified electricians, and the power lines should not be connected indiscriminately; charging should be carried out in accordance with the instructions of the user manual, and charging should not be carried out for a long time; It should be carried out outdoors as far as possible, and there should be no combustibles around.

   Fourth, residential property service companies and management units are responsible for the parking and charging management of electric vehicles in the shared area, conducting fire safety inspections and fire protection publicity; if conditions permit, fixed and centralized electric vehicle charging points can be set up. Or set up charging facilities with safety protection devices for residents to use.

   5. Citizens should consciously abide by fire protection laws and regulations, and if they find violations of fire protection laws and regulations, report them to the fire department through the '96119' reporting and complaint hotline.

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