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Flow - diners have the development of the regional differences Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-15
Activities in the dining car is now widely used this era of fast rhythm, it is a new kind of food and beverage service way, suitable for many of the young gens to work. Another way is fast food. It have a regional differences, here is a professional for let's do a brief profile: - catering equipment Diners, it dealt with the existing food trucks can't cool down for food, frozen, the function is not complete, the fast car heat preservation effect of Clinton. This diner includes refrigerating unit and cabinet put oneself in another's position, respectively the corners on the bottom of the cabinet put oneself in another's position is even a universal wheel, cabinet put oneself in another's position within the solid is equipped with two levels partition and the partition of cabinet put oneself in another's position can divided into heat heating chamber, can the refrigerating chamber and insulation of the refrigeration chamber, the heating chamber is located insulation down to the bottom of the chamber, the refrigeration chamber is located above the insulation chamber and the refrigerating chamber and the refrigerating unit connected, in the heat chamber indoor floor set liquid collecting tank, the liquid collecting tank wall connected with the outside of the channel is set, the channel has a one-way valve. To sum up, diners can give food heating, cooling, and heat preservation, functional diversification, suitable for the area of the south and the north, and is suitable to use all the year round, is worth promoting. Constantly in recent years, with food and beverage operations, electric utility car become the main food and beverage operations and breakfast, car environmental protection of electric utility breakfast lunch, the active method of operation for broad operators to create a greater economic benefit. So why utility vehicle for breakfast in the restaurant industry has received such a high praise, whether in electric utility vehicle for breakfast what attract local people? Car chooses infrared equipment of electric utility breakfast, secondary circulation into the wind, a smoke-free environment protection, energy saving, and utility vehicles for breakfast set of burning, grilled, steamed, boiled, rinse, iron and other multiple functions into an organic whole. Baking faster, food doesn't touch the fire, don't attack lampblack, hubei so sweet snack car, and won't lose food nutrients, roast meat tender of the products, fresh sweet spicy, degeneration and refreshing, afford for thought, is a heartache, and retain the original barbecue food. The appearance of the electric utility vehicle for breakfast is also very beautiful, stalls, so sweet snack car, the vehicle is carve patterns or designs on woodwork metal plate materials. Color and specification are produced according to customer's request, brushless motor is communication 3000 watts. Battery 60 pay, the inside is stainless steel flat work station.
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