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Flow snack car appear not electricity, how to deal with - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-14
Activity as a snack car now now paid the least start-ups, loved by many people. It is fully capable of handling office workers can't buy breakfast phenomenon in the bus stop, and also very health. All the movement more lunch, than the plate of a breakfast shop boss face far more economical. But in the use, sometimes found and full power, but does not walk, snack car that how to deal with it? First, check the motor, the motor carbon brush touch false will constitute electricity Clinton. Turn to see the wire short transportation is and and signal lines, such as the car back to prove to turn the bad be badly in need of replacement or repair. Open power twist regulated in * * * table amount is and wires and signal lines are 5 v. Second, the controller whether good or bad to use take short line is 5 v, if no problem, turn the roll that controller is the most short way ever burning smell the controller, so that controller is broken. View the output is normal. Such as low output prove that the battery is broken, need to replace batteries. Again, the brake line pull off. Such as the car back to prove the bad kill, you must replace the killed or repair. Will not effect by using all the year round, and the capital is low, mobile lunch, it is because of these benefits, which has been made by snack car broad user's favorite.
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