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Food electric food truck summer cooling way - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-13
Again in the hot summer, let's be catering and ushered in the 'fire' roasted meats, hot weather, the hot work planning, catering to let's do friend brought great influence, and are too hot, presented the phenomenon such as stroke, in order to more run down in the summer, here small make up to let's discuss together how to drop the food electric food truck temperature: due to the working environment is unlikely to be sealed, so do let diners in ventilation, assuming that only one-way, diners don't flow, air in the hot summer of temperature in the dining car will soon catch up with outside the dining car, the doors and Windows open, let the natural wind activity in the house, to the ventilation room. Hang up the window of light color cloth, deter a sunshine, reflective heat radiation, the same can make diners in a cooler. Put a little green plant, also has the effect of temperature conditioning, because the plant transpiration moisture, can pass the page to reach the effect of cooling. Using the electric fan and water transpiration cooling. Within such as the dining car with wet mop wipe after open water transpiration endothermic ceiling fans to make the earth; Can also be used in fan front a pot of cold water, opened the electric fan makes water transpiration cooling, so that all can have the effect of falling at room temperature.
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