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Fried string of dining car maintenance tips - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-02
Maintain Fried string diner is skilled, small make up for let's pick up some maintenance Fried string of dining car tips, expect to give us help. First, watch the rain climate Fried string of dining car key components into the water. Successive rainfall climate is maintenance must be aware of the same. In the controller, battery, etc have waterproof measures, but this does not mean that the electric car advertisement you can soak in the rain, so heavy rain weather, don't park your car in local in the rain. Fried string diners fine water to dry it by ventilation, assuming that Fried string of dining car is relatively serious, the water, repair should be carried out to repair point. Briefly the water damage to the battery and controller, so must pay attention to water depth, without overstepping the status of the electric wheel half talent normal distances. Secondly, as far as possible to prevent the brakes. Together in the summer of high temperature should also try to prevent the brakes, Fried string diners start time, slowly, under the condition of conditions allow to intermittent, slightly speed up until after the continue to accelerate. In the process of Fried string of dining car journey, perhaps do not repeatedly launch, brakes. After all, Fried series summer dining car recharging time shoulds not be too long. Travel when assuming power shortage, must not continue to walk again, and should be immediately recharged. Assume that Fried string of dining car long time not use, to charge placed after electricity, and the detection circuit master switch, make sure every 1 to 2 months to filling electric batteries.
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