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Fried string of dining car which aspects need regular check - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-02
Fried string of diners in use after a period of time, needs to see it, so let's see Fried string of dining car, is needs to see what? First, walk/out of control: view operation is correct. Brakes: to ensure correct brake function. In the proper pressure on the brake pedal in full, vehicles should be smooth and straight line to stop. Second, parking brake: when atresia, parking brake should lock the wheels and insist on fixed vehicle. It should loosen when on pressure accelerating pedal. Astern phonic device: when the trek/evacuation switch in R 'leave' orientation, reversing phonic should ring as warning 5, general rules: all parts should be in the right direction and right equipment. To ensure tight all nuts, bolts and screws. Other signs, safety and information: check to ensure that all safety signs and information signs in azimuth. Tires: check the correct pressure. Visual check whether every day wear and damage and is correct. Battery: check the electrolyte to ensure that the correct level. Check the battery terminal. Wire should be tight and no corrosion. Again, the charger wire, plug and socket: visual check the crack, loose coupling, and lead the wear. A few of the above content spot is Fried string diners needs to view local, hope our understanding how Fried string diners view after reading, to oneself the home more Fried string of diners.
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