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Gives more dining car - the use of the function Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-18
Electric diners now used more and more widely, street diner, a new china-pakistan diners and so on many electric diners were presented. * * * a trend of electric dining car? Street diner now has become a kind of consumption culture, diners supply decoct, fry, boil, baked, boiled, rinse and heat preservation function, may according to your demand, such as refrigeration, on-demand customization. Diners project is committed to relieve of come off sentry duty again the homework now, for low income people laid off supply low capital entrepreneurial opportunity. The successful development of new China the dining car, electric tricycle snack car, gives more dining car use function, commercial use more widely. 1, the temperature of cold in the winter a temporary inevitably pose harm to battery, steam temperature below 15 ° c, or less, with the temperature drop and the decrease of the output capacity, cycling journey normally shorten. 2, new car ChuDu charging, 18 hours after charging, rushed to the conditions in full. Battery long time need not when, should meet the electricity deposit. 3, travel, in the process of the dial indicator for red undervoltage, indicate the low power into the electrical area, should be timely charging, charging in time can greatly extend battery life. Let the battery stick to be full of status at any time, or it will greatly affect the use of the battery life of electric battery diners correctly using the way of life, serious situation would amount to a battery scrap in advance. 4, the charger is good or bad, but the underlying conditions can recharge timely replacement charger, in the process of applying for not long time, large current discharge ( Such as electric bicycle manned climbing, overload operation) 。
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