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Has the characteristics of convenient and quick flow - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-15
The dining car is in good condition and scientific quality management system. Push the dining car factory integrity, strength and production quality to achieve the industry recognition. Diners co. , LTD is a professional processing customized diner mainly of high-tech private enterprises, since its inception the company has always been dedicated to intelligent human engineering; Always adhere to carry forward: integrity, vision, communication, for the purpose of the enterprise, wuhan so sweet snack car, with the skills, service to insist on the spirit of group, so sweet snack car prices, and make a good planning, equipment, debugging, training, protection of one-stop service system, professional processing customized various styles for your diner, snack car, electric diners, milk tea, sale trucks, electric four-wheel diners and other products professional production processing. Products overview: utility snack car cuisine is a collection of barbecue, Fried, rinse hot, teppanyaki, steamed furnace is equal to the integration of the car one activity snacks equipment, vehicle shell choose a refined molding glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, built-in stainless steel mesa, combined with a variety of snack food equipment, so sweet snack car, has strong activity, operating a brief characteristics, such as utility snack car food than ever before artificial built selling pavilion, more environmental protection and health. Product features: the equipment is reasonable, so sweet snack car where there are sold, the structure is compact, lunch, and we receive from people of all ages to use. Utility snack car food compared with other hand push snack car more cheap lunch for older people, has the characteristics of bento lunch activities. Our advantages: ( 1) Novel appearance, attract eyeball electric snack car appearance about atmosphere, integrating sales, light box advertising, body advertising, the appearance of the new planning, two fitting for promoting sales - — Appearance of advertising planning can customize according to customer's requirement. ( 2) A broad space, rational layout, default of large space of 5100 * 1850 * 2000, cars can include four people sell together. Internal structure it can customize according to customer's requirement, have barbecue, Fried, soup, boiled, thermal insulation, such as function, can also be equipped with refrigerator, juicer, sausage machine, barbecue grill, and other form a complete set of tableware. ( 3) Environmental protection and energy saving, clean sanitation electric diners with battery driven, low energy consumption, zero emissions, energy conservation and environmental protection. Factory equipped with high quality stainless steel tableware, make food preservation and insulation, can be clean health products customers. ( 4) Low cost, high income does not need the facade can open a shop to do the boss, abolish selected store boss, rent, decoration and a series of trouble, a diner all finish. Equipment, apply, full recharge condition can travel 80 km or so, enough to ensure operating throughout the day. Operating capital only 6 yuan, is 1/6 of the fuel vehicle, 1/20 of the shop's boss,
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