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Hook arm sanitation vehicle promotes environmental development

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14
The secondary hook-arm sanitation truck is currently the most widely used electric garbage truck. The product is equipped with multiple boxes and is sealed and environmentally friendly. It can be moved, cleaned and transported, time-saving and pollution-free. So why does this product promote environmental development? , Qingzhou Hongri Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in product production for many years. Let us take a look.

The product is made of stainless steel, durable, green and environmentally friendly, beautiful in appearance, strong in operability, simple and convenient, and adopts a high-tech design swingable hook arm to realize the secondary hoisting of the garbage compartment. Make the organization the most labor-saving.

The structure is simple, the operation is stable and convenient, the loading and unloading efficiency is high, the degree of mechanization is high, and the manpower is saved. One vehicle can carry multiple large compartments, which can effectively avoid secondary pollution during loading and unloading transportation. Multiple garbage hoppers are placed at each garbage point to facilitate management. It is an ideal sanitation equipment for environmental sanitation departments in cities, villages and towns.

This kind of urban mobile garbage house is favored by the general public. The collection box can be used as a simple, sealed, beautiful and environmentally friendly garbage collection and transportation station. These 'garbage houses' are placed in Commercial districts, real estate districts, living quarters and other major roads are nearby to make it convenient for nearby citizens to dump rubbish. Sanitation workers use rubbish trucks to remove rubbish from the 'garbage house' every morning. Garbage will no longer overflow, and the sanitation workers will also feel a lot easier.

The above content shows the relevant content of the hook-arm sanitation vehicle. I hope it can bring you some help. If you are interested in this product, welcome You come to our company for consultation and purchase.

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