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Hot summer flow diners how to maintain? - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-05
Activity is now more common a, diners use planning is more extensive, today is to introduce to our diners protection attention matters about summer activities. 1, prevent the dining car battery to drench water, battery water stop using tap water, using a dedicated battery compensation fluid, prevent battery over discharge, unnecessarily long time for a monthly charge protection. 2, at the dining car running of the event, as far as possible to prevent nasty start, accelerate and unnecessary emergency braking. Travel, in order to ensure that the use of batteries and electric equipment become old, yea, should adhere to a reasonable economic speed ( 40 km per hour, the current below 50 a) 。 3, after charging, measure of each battery check, to see if each battery voltage value is the value of rule 6. 1 - 6. Within 5 ( Each battery is 0. 5V) , the number of short of above, please unload the battery connection line, with 6 v battery charger for single battery charge. Charging voltage does not exceed 8 v, after arriving at the custom value, from the beginning after connecting the battery line, with the car charger to charge, until one hour after charger completely discontinuous, total measure the battery voltage is normal. 4, because of the influence of the temperature drop activities, dining car battery to save electricity, every 2 - After 3 months time charge, a balanced charge cycle. Activities after diners satisfy the battery, the charging time active in small current equalizing charge 4 - - 5 hours. Activities were charging at 1 hour later, after meet again charging power supply is connected, charger according to meet charging indicator at 1 hour and then charging power supply is connected, so repeated stops charging. To just put through power supply, diners charging meet the indicator light is bright, equalization charging completes.
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