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How about Jiexian Food Trailer R&D team?
The research and development team serves as the underlying backbone of Shanghai Jiexian Industrial Co., Ltd.. It is formed by several experts proficient in product structures and functions. At the initial stage of our company, they gave great support to our business increase and revenue surging. We will keep absorbing talents through different channels so as to enlarge our talents pool. The product features and functions will be continuously developed and enhanced to meet new market demands. If you are interested in their profiles, please contact us.

Jiexian Food Trailer is the leader in science and technology innovation in China's hot dog cart industry. Jiexian Food Trailer's food trailer series contains multiple sub-products. Jiexian food truck concession trailer is manufactured by utilizing technologies. These technologies include filtration, biological and chemical processes, deionization, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, evaporation, etc. Made of high-quality steel, its exterior structure features high strength. The product performs well with great efficiency. Inside the product, the flooring is non-slip, ensuring maximum safety.

The aim that our company always sticks to is to be an international market leader in this industry within several years. Welcome to visit our factory!
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