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How about sales of burger van business under Jiexian ?
There is no exact data here. Such information might be revealed when a reliable partnership is established. We sell burger van in domestic and international markets. Our sales have increased year by year. This makes us more competitive in the market.

Jiexian is a vanguard brand in bbq trailer industry of China. Shanghai Jiexian Industrial Co., Ltd.'s snack cart series contains multiple sub-products. Through strict testing, product performance is fully guaranteed. It can keep out the wind and rain. Using this product would contribute to protecting the environment. It reduces greenhouse gases and air pollutants due to its energy efficiency. Different kinds of sockets can be installed to satisfy the needs of customers from different countries.

The company encourages all its employees to develop social awareness. Through various communities activities, such as volunteering in local charities, we can contribute to society. Contact us!
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