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How do not use for a long time to maintain electric snack car?

by:Jiexian     2020-09-23
Electric snack car becomes more and more popular at present in our lives, many entrepreneurs become the preferred. But if long time don't use is also need for maintenance. Vehicles stopped for a long time, because they have been subjected to atmospheric corrosion and make the technology of assembly and sector gradually worse condition, lose so that its technical performance. First, to prevent rubber aging metamorphism. Rubber products, such as tires, belts and dust cover and so on, often aging phenomenon, expansion or form, the performance is bad, shorten service life. Second, prevent mildew cotton and linen products, carpet, etc. , are easy to absorb moisture. And the rainy season, especially in the moist areas are more likely to be affected with damp be affected with damp mildew. Therefore electric snack car owners deal with cotton and linen products regularly check on the car, timely to dry, dry. Third, to prevent metal rust. Corrosion is mainly the moisture in the air, oxygen, and the common role of corrosive substances. Therefore, for the electric snack car stopped for a long time, metal surface cleaning shall be maintained. Garage parking vehicles shall keep ventilated, often keep the air relative humidity below 70%. Need to clear the dust and dirt on the car in time and water. Fourth, check the working condition of the engine. Start the engine at least once a month, idle running 4 - 5 min, check the operation condition of the engine. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, need to adjust, maintenance. Economic and technological development zone of Texas food better processing plant is a gourmet dining car better mobile, multi-function, mobile Fried string diners breakfast snack car car, snacks and other products professional production and processing of the company. Has a complete and scientific quality management system and good faith, the strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance. To good food's official website consulting service for more discount, electric snack car mobile diners at the same time to learn more about problems, also can leave a message to tell small make up or to discuss your below.
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