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How do you maintain electric - dining car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-05
Malatang diners rendering has brought a big lunch for people, and many users tend to be ignored when using the protection of their daily operation, so the vehicle is very unlucky, today small make up to share with us about the protection of the vehicle operation, expecting some help to you. First, see if vehicle tire air pressure meet before use, before and after the brake is loose, whether to have sound, battery meets, whether the screw is loose. Do a comprehensive check for car body condition. Second, malatang diners has just launched, should speed up slowly, to prevent the hazards instant rush to speed up the equipment for yuan, remember vehicle launch climbing time should use the pedal power. Again, in order to save power, reduce as far as possible in the process of braking, again and again, in order to prevent the hazards of motor and other parts, trudge brake should control the release, the promotion of time, the car should be closed, the power supply to prevent promotion has no intention of the rolling speed when the attack caused by vehicle accident. Other, vehicle charging point needs special attention, in order to arrive at * * * charging effect, must use the special charger.
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