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How many Jiexian american burger van are sold per year?
There is a balance between sales and output of burger van in Shanghai Jiexian Industrial Co., Ltd.. We have buried in the production for years. We are able to meet the market demand. We have recorded year on year growth in sales volume.

Jiexian Food Trailer integrates scientific research, manufacturing and distribution of bbq concession trailer. Jiexian Food Trailer's bbq trailer series contains multiple sub-products. The design of Jiexian burger trailer involves several stages. This includes bag trend research, fabrics and fittings research, CAD prototyping, and sample making. The flooring inside the product is designed with a drain hole, allowing the water to drain out completely. The product has a stellar reputation for the highest standards of quality. Its working table, made of stainless steel, is not easy to get rusty.

Our company is striving hard to become the most competitive and strong supplier with global influence by making an effort in product strategy. Get an offer!
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