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How many people in Jiexian Food Trailer export department?
With the booming export business, Shanghai Jiexian Industrial Co., Ltd. has attracted more talents to work in the export sector. These employees are very proficient in import and export business. With years of expertise, people have successfully built a complete sales system designed to help the entire industry save a lot of energy and time.

Jiexian Food Trailer is technically advanced, which primarily manufactures food trailer. Jiexian Food Trailer's burger trailer series contains multiple sub-products. The product has an internationally-proven quality and meets performance requirements. Inside the product, the flooring is non-slip, ensuring maximum safety. Once it is applied in the industries, it will definitely raise the overall production. It will also help workers relieve their fatigue. The integral steel frame construction of the product is sturdy enough.

Our core value is always treating customers with respect and faith. Ranging from all aspects of our business processes, we always adhere to integrity and business ethics. Get info!
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