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How much do you know about the antiskid work of electric snack car? - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-24
The spring, although the temperature inversion, but the temperature is still low, some time we occasionally encounter a rainy day. So that each user demand in drive electric snack car when doing antiskid homework, here is the small make up for let's explain it in detail, hope is bound to help for you. Rain and snow weather using electric snack car, before going out to check the electric snack car tire pressure is met, before and after the brake is normal, the battery is not enough electricity, etc. Trek insist on leave a heart to meet, in the process of don't take too much, too much items, don't be too much inflated tire, two-thirds of putting gas in your usual good, add the wheels with the touch of the floor area can prevent the skid to lower seat, * * *. As far as possible to prevent a sharp turn in the journey of the rules within the planning of the greater the radius of turn more secure. Don't and motor vehicle road hog, prevent the sideslip motor vehicle collision. When you meet the snow on the ground and uneven surface can push off to walk.
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