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How much is the maintenance of the patrol car?

by:Jiexian     2021-08-13

  In the park area or the community where residents live, we can always see police or security personnel working in electric patrol cars. Especially at night or in crowded places, the emergence of electric patrol cars will give residents a sense of security. The following editor will elaborate on the maintenance of the patrol car:

   The rotating joints of the steering system of the first and four-wheeled sightseeing car and the classic car patrol car should be added once a month to add butter and connect the ball The head nut must be checked every 3 months. If any looseness is found, it must be tightened immediately.

   Second, check whether the dust cover on each tie rod joint is damaged or cracked. The damaged dust cover is very easy to get water and dust. If water and dust get in, it will cause the joint ball joint Wear and tear, and failure of inflexible steering will occur, causing a safety accident. If there is a crack or damage, it should be replaced immediately.

   Third, check the free swing range of the steering wheel in an all-round way, park the car steadily so that the front wheel of the sightseeing car is facing straight ahead, and then gently turn our steering wheel until the free swing range is greater than the rated value. In this case, correct calibration and professional adjustment are required.

   Fourth, the front wheel toe inspection of the electric sightseeing car; we must keep the front wheel toe within the range of 2 to 7 mm. If the parameter exceeds, it must be adjusted to the standard position of the railing screw;

   Therefore, no matter from which point of view, electric patrol cars are the first choice for patrols in various communities. At the same time, I believe that in this era of skyrocketing oil prices, electric patrol cars will gradually replace traditional patrol cars and become the market One of the most popular electric special vehicles.

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