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How much should the battery of the electric patrol car save in the mobile breakfast car in winter

by:Jiexian     2021-08-12

   After winter, the weather is obviously colder. How can our electric patrol car save electricity in winter? The electric patrol car manufacturer provides you with the following four suggestions:

   First, drive at a constant speed< /p>

   When driving, don’t just pursue speed. You should drive at a constant speed. Don’t be slow for a period of time. If traffic is not allowed, or if you are on a snowy road, you should try to avoid frequent braking and starting, so It can extend the service life of batteries and motors. It is worth mentioning that electric vehicles are the most energy-efficient when the speed is constant at medium speed.

  Second, remember not to brake

  Be careful when driving and always observe the surrounding road conditions to avoid sudden braking. Because sudden braking not only causes great damage to the motor, but also easily locks the brakes, which affects the use of electric vehicles.

  三, Loss of power riding injury

  Some users have been charging until the electric patrol car does not move. I don’t know that this behavior will seriously damage the battery performance. Multiple deep discharges will greatly shorten the battery life.

  Fourth, eliminate power consumption

   The biggest killer of power consumption is overload. The heavier the electric vehicle, the more power it consumes. Therefore, the load range of electric vehicles must be reasonable. The second biggest killer of power consumption is tire gas. Before driving, you must be full, otherwise you will lose power.

  How to make your electric patrol car more durable and richer? I believe big Most electric vehicle users have mastered the basic power saving skills, and then quickly put them into use!

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