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How popular - the dining car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-30
In the United States, the dining car is sell hamburgers hot dogs, but we have big dining car in our country, to be able to sell dumplings, meat, meat ball, rolls and so on, etc. To some extent, the dining car has become an essential feature of a street civilization. Whatever street gourmet taste, is still the following characteristics of attract to the eye, it into a city. Last month has just finished the festival, the dominant mobile street shop car dining car carnival make enough eyeballs, double-decker buses lined his minibus qi qi, characteristics, full of Brazilian grill, pine and road no. 1, penghu cuttlefish burn, Taiwan various delicacies such as shrimp eggs, appearance beautiful beautiful mobile dining car drew public are numerous and complicated, balconies, casual games area. The public are not harvest food, more mobile diners at the first sight on the spot, and take out a cellular phone multiple viewpoints to take photos. Now, determined to introducing foreign diners civilization in our country, abandon the traditional diners thirty-three, presents the function completely, beautiful appearance, features, customization, be full of civilization smell mobile dining car. We should use the * * * in our country as the basement, then foreign * * * oriented, habits of consumption demand, * * * now to catering affair more specification, making them more and more sophisticated.
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