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How to avoid plug heating when charging golf cart

by:Jiexian     2021-08-11
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In our lives, when we charge mobile phones and other electronic products, we will obviously feel the heat and will not touch the plug after charging. But how should we deal with plug heating? Heating of the plug is a normal charging phenomenon, but it is abnormal if the temperature is too high. Overheating of the plug will cause some damage to the charging, so how to avoid the plug heating when charging the golf cart?

The golf cart will be charged due to lack of electricity after use. When charging, you need to pay attention to accurately grasp the charging time according to the actual situation. This can be judged by referring to the frequency and mileage of the trolley in normal use to grasp the charging frequency. After being fully charged, the battery will be charged in a short time. The charging time should not be too long. Overcharging will cause the battery to heat up, thereby shortening the battery's service life.

How does plug heat come about? Loose 220-volt power plugs or charger output plugs, oxidation of the contact surface, etc. will cause the plug to heat up. Excessive heating time will cause short-circuit of plugs or poor contact, and damage to sightseeing electric vehicles [Sightseeing electric vehicles were originally non-motorized vehicles that served the operation of scenic spots, also known as scenic battery cars and electric tour buses. The simple understanding is that they are driven by electricity. It has the advantages of environmental protection, beauty and reduction of secondary pollution. 】The charger and battery. If the plug is hot, we should remove the oxide or replace the connector to deal with it.

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