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How to barbecue series battery - dining car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-11
Barbecue Fried string diners has continuously widely in our day, in the morning to go to work may be is at home in the evening, can often see that, in the snack car, one of the more important is the battery, the use of the existence of the battery to make snack car time longer, so how to charge the battery is an important job. Barbecue Fried string diner first electric car in the process of charging snacks, briefly presents the sulfide representation, lead sulfate attack will cover of PCB gradually, so the area of the active plate will gradually decrease, decline in the concentration of the liquid, it will make a battery of electric capacity cuts, assume that the battery capacity reduction speed is very fast, the battery life is very short. Time temperature and charging environment will affect the charging process of electric dining car, first is affect the voltage range. Shall be based on different environment timely adjust the charger, so you can try to prevent the battery's attack drum surface blasting. In the process of using, should be based on practical situation accurately grasp the charging time, see the usual use frequency and the status of the travel journey, master charging frequency. Normal distances, assume that electricity meter indicates red and yellow lights, you should charge; If only the red light, should be intermittent operation, recharge quickly, or excessive battery discharge will serious shorten their life spans. Be full of electric operation time is shorter after charging, the charging time shoulds not be too long, otherwise will constitute the overcharge, the battery heating. Charging excessive, excessive discharge and recharge shortage will shorten the battery life. General battery charged uniform moment at about 10 hours. Such as battery charging process temperature exceeds 65 ℃, should be stopped charging. Battery is electric diners the origin of life, to extend the use of electric diners fixed number of year, the battery of the problem, it is necessary to extend battery life.
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