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How to charge an electric dining car to extend the battery life

by:Jiexian     2021-08-13

The electric dining car is now a very popular breakfast place, and many people who have just started to choose the item choose the breakfast. As a manufacturer of electric dining cars, I would like to share with you the protection of batteries.

1. When charging the battery in the car, turn off the electric door lock. Do not charge the battery upside down. Try to fully charge it at one time. If you smell peculiar smell or the battery temperature is too high during charging, you should stop charging immediately and send it to Luqing Technical Department for inspection.

2. Charge frequently and avoid 'deep discharge'. The electric dining car should develop the habit of charging on the same day as it is used. Every day, no matter how far it is, the battery should be fully charged. Don't wait for it to run out and recharge it. When removing the battery for charging, do not touch the two ends of the electrode with wet hands or metals such as keys to avoid burns.

3. When charging, use the matching special charger. Due to the different battery formulas and processes, the technical requirements for the charger are also different. Which type of charger can be charged with what brand of battery can be fully charged, so do not mix chargers.

4. In order to protect the battery, the user can charge it as it is used, but cannot use the boosted voltage to drive to prevent serious power loss. When the battery is dead, the power should be turned off for riding.

5. When not in use for a long time, charge it once every month, and store the battery after it is fully charged. Don't store it in a state of power loss.

6. When charging, do not stop charging immediately when the charging indicator shows full charge, and should float for another 2-3 hours.

When using an electric dining car, you should refer to the above six methods as much as possible. This can make your battery life longer and travel longer. Thank you for watching, and I hope the above is helpful to you.

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