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How to charge the electric breakfast car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-12

  Charging points of electric sightseeing car

  The handbrake must be worn before and during the charging process of the electric sightseeing car, the direction switch should be placed in the neutral position, the switch (i.e. ignition lock) should be turned off, and the key should be taken out.

   Because there is no display on the dashboard during the normal charging process. The emergency power off switch must be kept on.

   1. Turn off the ignition lock of the electric sightseeing car after entering the warehouse.

  2. Open the seat cover and battery cover.

  3. Separate the controller input plug from the battery output plug, and insert the charger output plug into the battery input plug. Note: (The battery end plug is the output end when the vehicle is running, and the battery end plug is the input end when the vehicle is charging)

   4. Insert the three-phase plug of the charger input end into a 220 volt power socket.

  5. Turn on the charger switch to ON, then the charger power light displays, the digital display scrolls, and the fan rotates.

  6. When the charger is fully charged, the charger is fully charged, and the charger switch is OFF.

  7. Detect the electrolyte level of every three cells of each battery of the electric sightseeing car, such as which cell is short of liquid, add distilled water in which cell to see the liquid level, and then turn it on After the charger is switched to ON position for 1~2 hours after auxiliary charging, turn off the charger switch to OFF position. If there is no shortage of water, follow step 8.

   8. Unplug the three-phase plug at the input end of the charger.

   9. Unplug the charger output end plug and insert the battery charging plug and the controller plug.

  10. Fasten the battery cover and seat cover.

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