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How to charge the utility vehicle for breakfast is correct?

by:Jiexian     2021-08-12
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How to charge the utility vehicle for breakfast is appropriate?

As everyone develops the application of smart breakfast car in daily life, should we learn and train how to charge in order to continue to increase the battery life of the smart breakfast car? Next, let us work together to master the analysis!

1. On the day of the application, use the breakfast of the multifunctional vehicle to develop the designed charging. No matter how far you ride every day, if the battery is charging, you don't have to run the output power before charging until the habit of the dining car.

Turn off the anti-theft lock before charging the battery in the car, do not charge the battery upside down, and charge it once as much as possible. If you smell bad smell or the battery temperature is too high during the whole charging process, you should stop charging and repair it immediately. When charging the battery, do not touch the two sides of the power level or the function keys with wet hands to prevent burns.

3. The electric breakfast car is not used for a long time. It is charged once a month, and the battery must be stored again when the battery is full. It must not be stored when the power is turned off.

4. When charging, use your own dedicated charger for charging. Because the secret recipe of this kind of battery is not the same as the scientific research of processing technology, and the technical development trend of the charger is different, it is said that there can be no interoperable charger.

5. In order to better protect the ecological environment, teachers can use the battery at any time, but if the operating voltage can not be warmed up according to the application, the battery will not be seriously discharged.

6. In the case of charging, the charging system software display light will display information after the full battery is fully charged. It does not need to be able to stop charging immediately, and should be floated for another 2-3 hours.

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