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How to clean and maintain the mobile dining car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-15

The mobile dining car is a personalized vehicle customized for individuals. The exterior can be personalized, and the interior can also be customized for the entrepreneur’s products. 2. The vehicle is fully equipped and can be controlled according to the size of the vehicle. The corresponding equipment. It also includes smoke-free and dust-free processing, which not only makes the food more attractive to customers after it is made. At the same time, cleanliness is ensured.

It is convenient to move, you can move anytime, anywhere, and change the golden terrain for better business. It can be used as a banquet hall (in rural areas, pastoral areas, wedding ceremonies, unit field celebrations, parties, or as ordinary restaurants. It can also be used as logistics support vehicles and command vehicles for offices, apartments and various camping; it can be used as leisure, and Mobile hotels can also be used as work and life vehicles for roads, railways, famous airlines, electric power and other field constructions.

No debris is allowed in front of the switch, which is convenient for operation. The dining car must be safely grounded before use. Before starting up, check whether the electrical components of the product are firmly connected and whether the safety grounding is reliable. Replace the power cord with the same type of cable and ask a professional to replace it. The electrical connection of the mobile dining car should be installed and repaired. Installation by personnel with an electrician operation certificate.

Cleaning and maintenance of the mobile dining car: during cleaning and maintenance, the power should be cut off to prevent accidents. Available after work every day Wet towels that do not contain corrosive detergents are used to clean the surface of the furnace body and the surface of the power lead. It is strictly forbidden to rinse with water to avoid damage to the electrical performance. It is more and more widely used.

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