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How to control the Fried string charging time - dining car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-02
About activities, electric and diners problem such as price and manufacturer, we now know a must. The charging time about how to control Fried string diners to protect Fried string the dining car? Measure is not known to many people, with experts today let's learn about! How to control the Fried string of dining car charging time. Fried string protection situation now Fried string by diners widespread use, about the vehicle to reasonably control the charging time is very important, so how to reasonable control the charging time of it? First, on the basis of the daily use conditions to accurately grasp the charging time, see the common use of frequency and travel journey to master charging frequency condition. Second, Fried string of diners in normal use conditions, the electricity meter light red and yellow lights on, shows the vehicle need to recharge, assume that only the red light on, it should be intermittent operation, immediately charged, prevent the excessive battery discharge and shorten its using life spans. Again, shorter distances between the moment is to charge fully charged, the charging time not too long, to prevent overcharge, the battery heating.
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