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How to deal with the electric four-wheel sulfide dining car batteries? - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-12
How to deal with electric four-wheel sulfide dining car batteries? Electric snack car battery sulfide of the solution: 1, assume that the battery sulfide is not serious, available capacity decline is not much, little current ( 0. * * * 0 or less) Recharging the battery long time. 2, assume that the battery of sulfide is serious, rechargeable to voltage (* * * 6 v battery charger to 7 v, 12 v battery charger to 14 v) And electrolyte in the battery with a syringe, then inject distilled water to dilute electrolyte. Charging out again after 1 ~ 2 hours, electrolyte into distilled water, repeat the above operation until the spare not significantly increase the proportion of the electrolyte in suspension ( General 2 ~ 3 times) 。 As far as possible at the moment the electrolyte, again according to environment temperature injection proportion of 1. 25 ~ 1. 28 of sulfuric acid, again after the electricity is full of electricity, view the electro-hydraulic proportion. If the proportion of smaller, can again take out electrolyte and injection of sulfuric acid, make the proportion of the electrolyte arrived in the specification. Attention of electrolyte in the battery should not be more, stay inside the battery spongy material with the electrolyte absorption can, take out the rest of the electrolyte, our homework is finished. 3, use desktop rapid sulfur equipment desktop rapid sulfur removal equipment is the operation principle of high voltage large current pulse charging and eliminated by negative sniper wear sulfide. The approach speed, quick effect, can eliminate the effect of sulfide, obtain temporary, however, high voltage large current can strike in addition to sulfur can also in addition to the active substances, in removing sulfide lead to severe water loss and positive plate to soften, the harm of battery attacks killed, through this kind of equipment in addition to sulfur after two roots will be scrapped in battery. Now, professional battery protect the shop on the * * * now understand the risks of this approach. So, rendering the pulse discharge sulphur removal equipment, in fact, the roots principle has not changed, in just from the constant pressure Evergrande into high voltage instantaneous peak current, is still the harms plate active substances. 4, choose sulfur charger can now be sulfur removal charger has three operation principle, one kind is analogous to desktop rapid sulphur removal device, the operation principle of selection of high voltage large current pulse charging, through the negative scope, in addition to sulfur, is now clear that the battery life spans would amount to a died by this way, * * * has been rejected. The second is to choose fast pulse edge charge and discharge pulses, using the instantaneous peak, sulfide in trouble in the process of charging the battery. The other is a cyclical with 10% ~ 20% of charging method, recovery of lead sulfate crystallization battery. 5, use lead-acid batteries generate on-line online type lead-acid batteries generate device and batteries in parallel, can deter and eliminate vulcanization twenty-four hours. Corrects corrects this way slowly, time is long, often in 120 hours, but whether it is a charge and discharge process can deter and eliminate sulfide, correcting effect is very good. Due to low choose low voltage electric current, generate device not battery plate strong impact caused by water loss and soften, it is a kind of user input can measures for the protection of perseverance, especially on new battery quality is good, can extend battery life 2 ~ 5 times, and an input, can always accompany with electric cars, the next to replace batteries, generate device also can continue to use, can save a lot of economic capital. Protection of electric four-wheel dining car battery maintenance: about electric diner let's no stranger, whether in our day, we often see all kinds of models of electric diners. Visible diners use planning is very wide, and it is really good, will have broad, especially small amount business personnel * * *. But in the use of electric dining car, there are many matters is demand our attention. We all know that electric battery is the most important part of the dining car, one is the contact to use full of problems, the second is the dining car travel journey, etc. So the battery quality problem and electric lock talent can use the electric dining car quality problem. In general, use every day, also is the electricity will charge every day, but even so, want to also want to prevent feed use. Assume that says not to use, plan to check up, at the moment needs to electricity to be full of diners, prevent diners at feeding status register, is full of electricity condition, also need each month for one time charge electric diners.
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