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How to design the configuration for electric round the dining car? - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-26
Utility is the dining car on the basis of the society s development, utility diner has a new operation method, you do not need to rent store, address, you can be stubborn and comfortable operating address, so in general, utility is fast rhythm way of dining car must products. Utility diners to traffic operation allows for sale under the condition of product, to operate barbecue, Fried chicken legs, malatang, boiled pasta hundreds kinds of snacks, is we love it as a temporary snacks when shopping. Utility snack car can be chosen for gas, charcoal, electricity as power, measures for the operation of bento habits at a time when the fast-paced way of society. Snack car is barbecue, Fried, rinse hot, teppanyaki, work for a suit, can be arbitrary combination of snack car, so many functions the snack car bottom to choose what kind of planning structure? Let's take a look at: furnace selection system alone far infrared heat radiation structure planning, carefully planning a barbecue and fuel-efficient azimuth, barbecue, smoke-free fly ash fully, completely prevent the baked food drops of oil into the coals, and the traditional charcoal baked dry smell peculiar to the extreme. Choose to store heat preservation planning and furnace body, no longer heat to the outside of the furnace body, operators do not have to endure smoky fire liao, operate more brief lunch, easily adjustable, baked foods don't have to repeat to flip, reduce the labor intensity, baked food heated evenly, make faster and higher production rate. Utility diners set more fully, to meet the different needs of operators and customer, better Fang Chan masses taste and requirements. So we know what the dining car is equipped with tableware equipment? Of general utility internal dining car equipped with shabu-shabu, disinfection cabinet, freezer, fry pan, steam pan, manufacturing iron plate with Fried squid perforated strainer, window with gauze and a push-pull type window, outside the window is equipped with a can lift the window casing, the supply of electric power electric system, also can be converted into electric and oil two specifications, the tableware of internal equipment can according to the requirement of equipment. Utility the dining car is improved on the traditional dining car, its compensate the lack of the traditional dining car, make its functions more perfect, more to comply with the requirements of the person that use. Practice has proved that the utility ratio is high, the dining car environmental protection sex is good. This utility diners furnace thermal insulation storage planning, not heat to the outside of the furnace body, without patience is smoky, operate a brief lunch, loose easily. Baked food, do not demand always turn, can reduce labor intensity, baked food heated evenly, make faster and higher production rate. Diners, according to the features of food, fire control more comfortable, make sure that all kinds of food can reach a good roast make use, overcome the disadvantages of traditional charcoal baked a brief burn the food, and use carbon quantity can save more than 50%. About electric dining car, perhaps most people will not be too strange, be able to meet on the street. So let's know about on the device? From the below as we briefly analyze the structure and function. General common electric primary function has a single wing and diners electric steel dining car, electric diner. Choose a refined molding glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, put the stainless steel mesa, can put all kinds of snacks devices, such as Fried, rinse hot, barbecue, etc. Electric dining car is made by stainless steel mesa, car body plan is reasonable, the operation lunch, no rent, no decoration, not demand please cook, do not have any operational risk.
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