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How to extend barbecue vending trailer warranty?

You are expected to contact the after-sale team to extend the warranty. Please understand that the extended warranty have terms and conditions which may not match the original terms and conditions. A new agreement or contract will be signed to make it effective.

Shanghai Jiexian Industrial Co., Ltd. puts great energy on R&D and production of concession trailer. Jiexian Food Trailer's snack cart series contains multiple sub-products. In the manufacture of Jiexian food truck concession trailer, the product adopts high technologies. These technologies include reverse osmosis, membrane filtration, or ultrafiltration. It can be different styles like British style, American style, European style, and Australian style.  The cutting-edge inspection equipment is applied to ensure that the product is of high quality. It can withstand the high temperature under a sunny day.

The company acts positively to the sustainable development plan for the environment. Apart from the fact that we have strict control over the production pollution amount, we also encourage customers and people to recycle and reuse their packaging bags or boxes. Jiexian Food Trailer

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