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How to flow the dining car air conditioning? - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-11
How to active the dining car air conditioning? ( 1) This job to job, health is necessary to follow the moral. Also to do delicacies on dishes delicious. ( 2) The industry is run, but operators shall have the necessary operation planning, and time to grasp well, too, to make the customer master the operation time and rules. ( 3) To attract customers attention, can play music, but action should not be too big. A prospect with more and more people are eating out, car business activity is more does more convenient more do more prosper. A good electric snack car is the foundation of your success, assuming you buy electric car owe good snacks, incomplete documents will directly affect your operations. Electric car is now very popular snacks food stuff, many will be in electric hot summer snacks equipment inside the car air conditioning, so when electric snacks in the car air conditioning equipment for what? First, to test electric snack car air conditioning refrigerating capacity, cooling to agile. Second, generally choose steam refrigeration, austerity tightening machine driven by a machine, refrigeration talent changes with different speed and load is very large. Electric snack car in idle speed or slow down, refrigeration talents is very small, then simply pursuing big refrigerating capacity and demand. On the contrary, in the normal or high speed, high speed, cooling, talent and demand relative to cut, constitute the oversupply situation. Very significant brand, equipment selection and control is reasonable. Equipment selection is too big, can meet the demand in idle speed and slow, but capital equipment, equipment bearing and power use rate is bad; If choose is small, and can't satisfy the requirements. Third, electric snack car air conditioning from the vibration and impact of serious and repeated. The demand for electric snack car air-conditioning unit should meet the strength and seismic talent, electric snack car air conditioning refrigeration system is very brief refrigerant leakage, so different parts of the connection to be strong, to check the amount of refrigerant in the system. Electric car snacks in our side now is very widely exists, in the days of our plays a very important role, as a professional manufacturer of electric snack car production, in order to help we can better use the electric snack car, the following will introduce electric snack car charger for you related matters. In 1, electric snack car charger avoid direct sunlight or in the open air under the rain, prevent dust in larger or corrosive gas environment. 2, electric snack car charger in the use of ground wire ground with severity, charging fast protection equipment ( Over-current protector) , when the charging current is too large, active tripping, protection of electric equipment, when recharging, close your protection switch, namely can above degree must ensure that our electricity safety.
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