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How to generate income from your BBQ trailer?

How to generate income from your BBQ trailer?


        Your bbq trailer gives your customers the benefits of a summertime backyard family affair all year round. Things you can do to generate income from your BBQ trailer business are: joining local food truck rally events, signing up for local festivals, and partnering up with local schools for fundraising events. Also, offering catering for personal events like family reunions and, yes, even weddings. Check out the local youth and adult sports entertainment fields for during and after game celebrations and pick-me-ups, local parks and family gatherings, after-hours bar crowd and much more!

        Whether you are parked at the local busy business district for lunch, at a catered event or a local festival, the aroma of your great BBQ recipe will draw them to your truck. This is one of the benefits of a mobile kitchen menu that has delicious flavor-filled smell that goes out beyond the vehicle itself.

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