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How to maintain multi-functional dining car - in summer Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-08
Utility dining car maintenance tips is we always want to know about the content, as a professional produce dining car manufacturer, the following instructions for us in the hot summer utility dining car maintenance tips, hope we can have more more comprehensive knowledge of the product. Don't be in the hot sun exposure, exposure can make the battery internal pressure to add, and then forced the battery pressure limiting valve open, direct achievement is to add the battery fluid loss, and excessive water loss must cause battery activity decline, to speed up the plate aging, fever, the drum, resulting in charge when the shell deformation and died away. Don't charge under the environment of high temperature, storage battery charging with heat, and then add the battery temperature, assuming that gives off the gas gathering, meets heat source is probably constitute a bang, when the battery power box with hot or green light not bright, should also be timely to the after-sale service point for detecting battery and charging protection. Beware of rainfall climate vehicle key components into the water: successive rainfall climate is maintenance is necessary to be aware of the same. In the controller, battery, etc have waterproof measures, but this does not mean that the electric car advertisement you can soak in the rain, so heavy rain weather, don't park your car in local in the rain. Fine water to dry it by ventilation, assumption is relatively serious, the water, repair should be carried out to repair point. Briefly the water damage to the battery and controller, so it is necessary to pay attention to water depth, without overstepping the status of the electric wheel half talent normal distances. As far as possible to prevent the brakes: during the summer of high temperature should also try to prevent the brakes, start time, slowly, under the condition of conditions allow to intermittent, slightly speed up until after the continue to accelerate. In the process of the car journey, perhaps do not repeatedly launch, brakes. This not only can prevent the harm of large current discharge of battery, and also can add line continuation journey. When charging time shoulds not be too long: summer travel assuming power shortage, must not continue to walk again, and should be immediately recharged. Assumes that the vehicle long time without use, place after to charge electricity, and block the main switch circuit, ensure that every 1 to 2 months to repair battery at a time.
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