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How to maintain the multifunctional mobile food carts?Part 1

How to maintain the multifunctional mobile food carts?Part 1


         The multi-function food cart is one of the dining cars that we often see in our daily lives. Its appearance has brought us great help, and is widely used in various places, but how do we deal with it when we use it? How about maintenance? Let me give you a brief introduction below.

1. Try to avoid sudden braking: At the same time, you should avoid sudden braking as much as possible in the hot summer. When starting, you should start slowly. If conditions permit, you can stop slightly, and then continue to accelerate after the speed is up. When the car is running, try not to start and brake as often as possible. This can not only avoid the damage to the battery due to high current discharge, but also increase the mileage.

2. Do not expose to the sun: Exposure will increase the internal pressure of the battery, which will force the battery pressure limiting valve to open automatically. The direct consequence is to increase the battery's water loss, and excessive battery loss will inevitably lead to a decrease in battery activity and accelerate the plate. Aging, which in turn leads to fatal losses such as heating, bulging, and deformation of the housing during charging.

3. Beware of water in the key components of the vehicle in rainy weather: continuous rainy weather is also necessary for maintenance. Generally, there are waterproof measures for the controller, battery, etc., but this does not mean that the electric advertising vehicle can be soaked in the rain at will. Therefore, in heavy rain, do not park the car in a rainy place. Minor water ingress can be ventilated and dried. If the water ingress is serious, you need to go to the repair point for repair. It is the battery and the controller that are easily damaged by the water, so you must pay attention to the depth of the water, and drive normally when it does not exceed half of the electric wheel.

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