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How to make an electric breakfast car rainproof

by:Jiexian     2021-08-13

How to make the electric breakfast car rainproof

The rainy season needs to come right away. In the work of the rain battery car breakfast, I still feel that everyone has always wanted to know the content of today’s restaurant car companies. Let’s introduce the knowledge in these areas for everyone, so as to help the friends of the business reception breakfast car to do the relevant prevention work.

It is the waterproofness of the battery of electric breakfast cars in my country. Generally speaking, if the company can, the battery adopts a technical waterproof technical measure in the case of the design plan, but this does not mean that everyone can not pay attention to maintenance. It, let the electric breakfast cart drive in the water. If you are working on a rainy day, it is recommended to do a good job of battery maintenance according to the learning and training of everyone, and to put the social development car information in natural ventilation and the area to dry before carrying out scientific research on battery charging.

Secondly, if you must work in a spilled area, you must adopt appropriate safeguards. Especially for the controller of an electric breakfast car, if the roof drainage is very prone to short-circuit failure and cannot be controlled, it will cause problems such as the motor overturning. Therefore, if the electric breakfast car is seriously invaded by precipitation, you can remove the controller first, wipe the water inside, and then dry it and install it. After installation, pay attention to using plastic encapsulation controller. This can improve the waterproof work capability.

What should the rain-proof staff of the electric breakfast car do? Is it possible for everyone to have a certain grasp of these aspects based on the detailed introduction of the current period? If you have a lot of evaluation and analysis that you want to consult, you can complete it. Continue to care about the website of the students.

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