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How to save electricity on double-row electric trucks

by:Jiexian     2021-08-15

When purchasing a double-row electric truck, the battery capacity of the vehicle is a concern of many users and friends. The battery capacity is large, the mileage that can be used is relatively far; the capacity is small, the mileage that can be driven is shorter, the quality of the battery is mainly affected by the battery material, and the correct use can effectively extend the service life. A battery with a small capacity can save power, and you can also use a longer mileage.

Let’s take a look at the energy-saving methods for double-row electric truck batteries:

1. Frequently check the tire pressure of trucks , Pay attention to maintaining the proper level of tire pressure. If the tire pressure is not normal, and it is in a harder or softer state, it will consume more energy. When choosing a vehicle, it is also important to choose a good tire.

2. Don't overload transportation, overloading not only affects the service life of the vehicle battery, but also causes serious harm to the vehicle's tires.

3. Lightly step on the accelerator and start slowly. Be careful not to slam on the accelerator or brake.

4. Reduce the application function of the anti-theft device, reducing the application of the anti-theft device can increase the load of the electric truck battery.

5. Pay attention to driving at a certain speed, not too fast.

6. Pay attention to full charge when charging at ordinary times, and be careful not to over-discharge or over-charge. Pay attention to avoid exposure to sunlight and moisture during battery use.

The above are some ways to save power for double-row electric truck batteries. When choosing a vehicle, it is best to choose a good quality battery. Check the integrity of the battery before using the driving vehicle.

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