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How to smooth driving - dining car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-11
Dining car in travel time, because of the above things more, sometimes the chapter presents is not smooth, so let's at this time to be aware of and ensure a smooth journey, we should do under this situation? Below small make up take let's look at. Due to the planning function, generally not too fast in speed. Due to the dining car with height is higher than the average car many, so it is more to the requirements of smooth. Considering about stationarity dining car, electric snack car factory made in planning time is given. Much for a one-way open type of sale, lead to diners at the ends of the different structure, assume that improper planning very brief form * * *, a brief attacks a cartwheel. As one of the most common room type electric dining car, the height of a car in 2. More than 2 meters, the speed too fast, in turn may fluctuations of time is very short side. From the perspective of production factory, also consider the wheel suspension, excellent suspension system can ensure the smooth and comfortable vehicles very well. From the applied point of view, again after the formal dining car use must be internal will check many ingredients, cooking utensils, etc. These also don't ignore, the weight of a regular household gas canisters 30 kg is the weight of the load, add rice flour, other equipment, the weight is not small. There is to take these things, so talented enough let diner walk more smoothly.
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