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How to solve electric sightseeing car paint for electric small dining car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14

Electric sightseeing cars should be avoided during the spraying process [Electric sightseeing cars, also called sightseeing electric cars, are a type of regional electric cars. Cart, small golf cart. 】The appearance of pinholes and blistering on the surface of the paint depends not only on the skill of the sprayer, but also on a good electric sightseeing car paint. The following is how to solve Zhuhai [Zhuhai, a prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province, one of the central cities in the Pearl River Delta, and an important scenic tourist city along the southeast coast. 】Analysis of pinholes and blisters of national new materials.

Pinholes are caused by the following factors: 1. The glass fiber reinforced plastic substrate is easy to form pinholes and cannot be filled when used as primer or putty; 2. Continuous spraying does not dry quickly Time causes the paint film to be too thick and too wet; 3. The paint is not completely mixed; 4. The surface of the substrate is not clean. The method to solve the pinhole is very simple. Clean the surface of the substrate, pay attention to the dilution ratio of the paint, and stir evenly during spraying. The rapid drying time of each layer of paint is 1-3 minutes.

The air bubbles in the paint film are due to insufficient drying of the substrate before spraying, or improper preparation of the varnish on the substrate itself, which still contains oil; another point is that there is water mist on the air pipe channel connecting the spray gun. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid air bubbles in the paint film, thoroughly clean the substrate, keep the environment dry during the spraying process, and do not apply in a place with high environmental humidity.

To sum up, when spraying electric sightseeing car paint, you need to pay attention to cleaning the substrate. Prepare the sightseeing bus paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions, spray it in a dust-free and dry workshop, and add the technician’s Experience, produce a good electric sightseeing car.

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